Karyes Pafsanias

Events & Fests

Panigiri Agias Paraskevis (St. Paraskevi Fest)- 26 July

On the 26th of July, on the day that St. Paraskevi is being honored, takes place the first summer fest of Karyes at the square of lower settlement (Rahi). It is the first fest of the two days celebration of Karyes during the summer, which ends on the next day with the fest of St. Panteleimon. Hundrenths of people are coming to Karyes for this two days celebration, in order to enjoy themselves, dance and taste local cuisine. The fest includes live folk music, dance, food and wine.

Panigiri Agiou Panteleimona (St. Panteleimon Fest) - 27 July

The greatest fest in Lakonia!

On the 27th July, on the day that St. Panteleimon is being honored, takes place the great fest of Karyes at the central square, which is being considered to be the greatest in Lakonia. It is the second fest of the two days celebration of Karyes during the summer and especially for this day hundredths of people come to Karyes to join the celebration. The fest includes live folk music, dance, food and wine and during these days they say that the village has no sleep!

Summer Party

Every summer, usually on the last Saturday night before the 15th of August, the Karyes Cultural Club organizes a summer party. The party takes place in the beautiful site of "Panagia", under the Menelaus Planes. This event has great success every year and the benefits goes into the Clubs' cashier, so that it can keep organize its numerous activities. Hundredths of young people come to dance and have fun in this party listening to live music from groups and DJs.

Panigiri Ai Giorgi (St. John Fest)

Every spring, Karyes celebrate the fest of Ai Giorgis (St. John) at the so named church in the Karyes plain. The fest takes place early noon, after the liturgy, on a picturesque plateau near the church. The events is being supported by Karyes Cultural Club and the fest includes lamb roasting on a spit, local wine, folk music and dance. It has a form of an Easter celebration due to the blooming of nature during these days and allows the visitors to enjoy the nature and children the playing on the grass.

Karyates Association Summer Festival (Pankaryatiko Antamoma)

Every summer, usually a weekend in August, the Karyates Association (S.A.K.) organizes a two days meeting of compatriots, friends, members and expatriates from the US, Australia and Canada. This two days event includes a variety of events, such as awards to young Karyates for their studies and compatriots for their remarkable acts, open meeting for updating on the issues of Karyes by the various stakeholders in the Community Hall, a traditional feast with live music in the main square of Karyes or concerts in the courtyard of the Primary School - Agia Paraskevi.

Mardi Gras

On Mardi Gras the Karyes Cultural Club organizes a traditional fest with food, fire and traditional music at Karyes central square. The visitors have the chance to taste the food that is being cooked for the occasion and dance traditional dance around the fire, honoring the local custom of Mardi Gras.