Karyes Pafsanias

Karyes' Dance Group

Historical data

by Theodoros Mentis

The dance combines movement, lyrics, song and reminds of feelings, values, praises nature, narrates human situations and events, and it is an integral part of the folk tradition of our village from antiquity to the present day.

It was a valuable component of history, but only occasionally contributed to the reproduction of cultural behaviors, identities and representations.

In this context, the Arachovitans, who were known for their "leventia" - bravery, danced in 1937 at the Kallimarmaro Stadium in Athens and in 1955, Arachovitans girls dressed as "Amalies" danced in Sparta traditional dances.

Later in the 70's and 80's on the initiative of the Karyes YCA, the local dances were presented at the fairs of the village, and in the spring of 1989, the old festivity of Agios Konstantinos was revived with traditional uniforms, the decoration of animals and the presentation of The event was recorded by ET-2 and was screened on 3-12-1998 by Public Television in the show "Customs of our People".

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The summer of 1992, the Sports Club "O Karyatis" had the idea to implement the creation of a dance department. Some people who had a common characteristic of love for genuine tradition, genuine folklore, for customs and customs, and traditional Greek dance,leaded the idea.

Thus, in the courtyard of the Church of Assumption (Panagia) (8-15-1992), 35 boys and girls present local and other traditional dances. The enthusiasm was great and continuous for a decade, and this resulted that the Dance Group raised money from many residents, the Chicago Association, from the members of the Arachovitans Brotherhood "Ai Karyai", from the Karyates Association and proceeded with the construction and buying of several uniforms.

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The performances of the dance continued in the Church of Assumption (Panagia) courtyard for another two years and then the efforts for some time were limited by teaching dances in the Community Building, but without public appearances.

However, a new initiative launched in 2001 with children from Primary and Secondary Schools has resulted in very important cultural events for the village for five consecutive years (2004-2008). Each year in the summer, this dance group presented traditional dances from several regions and with its choir sang songs from great Greek composers. These same children often danced to Ai Giorgis and Mardi Gras events.

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Particularly important at that time was the visit to Karyes (30-07-2006) of "Nefeli Theater" by the Greek Community of Toronto. The Dance Group of Karyes presented local dances and the program continued with the children of the Greek community of Canada.

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But with the passage of time, due to lack of children the group made no longer organized appearances, with one exception until today the teaching of traditional dances in two groups in the year 2016-2017.

The uniforms that have been acquired from 1992 until 2007 are kept and maintained in the house of benefactor G.T. Skiouris in a properly landscaped area and are given every year to the children of the village in order to participate in the school National Celebrations of March 25th and October 28th.

Karyes Dance Group Costumes

  1. Costumes of Kythira Island: 4 male 4 female
  2. Costumes of Tsolias: 14 boys
  3. Costumes of Florina: 7 female
  4. Costumes of Thrace: 8 male
  5. Costumes of Epirus: 8 male
  6. Folk Costumes : 6 Costumes, 16 vests, 15 hats
  7. Female black waistcoat: 16 pieces offered by residents of Karyes.